About us

About Wingman Gear

Welcome to Wingman Gear, where innovation meets necessity, born in the field and built for the road. Established in 2023 by a police officer, our brand is the brainchild of real-world experience and the need for practical solutions to on-the-go organization.

Our Founder's Journey

It all started with a problem that needed solving: essential items like phones were getting lost in the shuffle during the hustle of duty. Our founder, not one to settle for less, took matters into his own hands. With PVC pipe, wood, and a spark of ingenuity, the first prototype of our now flagship product was born—a sturdy, reliable shelf that attached seamlessly to the passenger seat.

But we didn't stop there. Iteration after iteration, refined through the hands-on testing by fellow officers, our products have evolved. Today, they stand as a testament to our commitment to quality and functionality. Our gear is designed by a police officer for police officers, ensuring every product meets the high demands of the job.

Our Mission

At Wingman Gear, our mission is simple: to create a line of products that bring order to chaos, ensuring that officers and professionals have what they need, when they need it, without a second thought. We're here to support those who serve with gear that serves them.

Innovative Design

Our journey from handcrafted prototypes to professionally 3D-printed designs encapsulates our innovative spirit. We specialize in creating gear that's as tough as the men and women who use it, with a focus on adaptability and ease of use. Our current offerings are just the beginning. We envision a future where Wingman Gear is synonymous with the ultimate in professional organization solutions—from gear bags to modular trunk and SUV systems.

Quality and Trust

Every Wingman Gear product is rigorously tested in the field before it ever hits the market. We believe in our gear, and we're committed to providing products that you can rely on—no matter what the shift throws your way.

Our Vision

Looking to the horizon, Wingman Gear is set to expand. We're not just building products; we're building a legacy of reliability and organization for those who protect and serve our communities. Our goal is to ensure that every professional who could benefit from a Wingman has access to our innovative solutions.

Join the Wingman Community

We're more than a brand; we're a band of brothers and sisters in service. Connect with us, share your stories, and be a part of the Wingman Gear evolution. Follow us on [social media platforms] and become part of our community.

Get in Touch

Have questions or feedback? We're all ears. Your insights drive our innovation. Contact us at TheWingmanGear.com/contact, and let's make every duty belt a little lighter and every patrol car a little more organized.